Our Brand

Aimia is our new name. It represents the new company that Groupe Aeroplan has become.

While the names and brand identities of consumer facing brands Aeroplan, Nectar (Italy and the UK) and Air Miles Middle East remain unchanged, business-to-business brands LMG Insight & Communication and Carlson Marketing now operate under the name Aimia: One single global brand reflecting our position as a global leader in building long-term profitable relationships between brands and their customers.

Aimia is modern, distinctive and stands out from the crowd. It resonates in many languages.

The creation of Aimia was inspired by palindromes – words that read the same backwards and forwards – as they give the sense of two-way conversation. There is a dialogue and movement within the name itself.

It alludes to pinpoint precision – where two aims cross over. Whether it’s the sweet spot where the needs of clients and the wants of consumers overlap or the insight garnered from two different vantage points; our name reflects this.

The neat symmetry of Aimia mirrors the balance and partnership that sits at its core. The friendliness of ‘Ami’ is a gentle reminder of our French Canadian heritage.

A crosshair of aims, a meeting of minds. We see relationships differently.

We are Aimia.