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Our Board is committed to a comprehensive corporate governance program consisting of mandates, policies and committees designed to foster the key ethical values of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Position Description – Chief Financial Officer
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Human Resources and Compensation Committee Charter
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Position Description – Group Chief Executive
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Charter of the Board of Directors
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Audit, Finance and Risk Committee Charter
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Trading Guidelines
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United Kingdom Tax Strategy Disclosure

Majority Voting Policy

Position Description – Chairman of the Board
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Position Description – Committee Chairs
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Governance and Nominating Committee Charter
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Code of Ethics
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Supplier Code of Ethics
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Public Disclosure Policy
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Advanced Notice Bylaw

Certificate of Amalgamation

Committee Members and Chairs

Chair Chair
Member Member


Governance and Nominating

HR and Compensation

Robert E. Brown
Roman Doroniuk Chair Member
W. Brian Edwards Member Member
Thomas D. Gardner Member Member
Emma Griffin Member Chair
Robert (Chris) Kreidler Member Member
William (Bill) McEwan Member Chair
Philip Mittleman Member Member
Jeremy Rabe

Governance Contact

Edouard Vo-Quang, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary