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28 August 2019

In the Banking World, Is Convenience the New Loyalty?

The advent of open banking combined with emerging technology is threatening the dominance of traditional banks.

23 August 2019

Considering CRM & Loyalty For Acquiring & Growing Your Customers

Here's how CRM and loyalty work in concert to engage a broad range of consumers and develop deep relationships.

12 August 2019

How Procter & Gamble Builds 1-to-1 Experiences

Knowing your customer, putting them at the center of your brand and building individualized relationships and engagement is the key...

8 July 2019

Best Practices Churn Campaign – Starting with the Basics

Every loyalty or CRM program experiences some amount of churn, but the question is, how do you correct the problem?

20 June 2019

SmartJourney® Video

2 June 2019

Customer Loyalty Gamification

Gamification is a buzzword that keeps growing in popularity around customer engagement and brand loyalty. As a result, many brands...

30 April 2019

How Big is Your Churn Problem?

Every loyalty or CRM program has a churn problem. The question is, how big is the problem? Setting Expectations of...

28 April 2019

Building Customer Loyalty: The Value of Tiers

Today’s loyalty landscape is saturated with the typical spend and get model. With “86% of loyalty marketers us[ing] points and...

13 February 2019

6 Ways CPGs Use Loyalty to Drive Revenue

As CPGs continue to navigate the direct-to-consumer landscape and finding ways to improve their customer experience and campaigns, loyalty continues...

11 February 2019

The 4 Analytics Tools Marketers Need

  Successful brands use data to direct business strategy, optimise customer journeys and craft relevant content to build long-term relationships....

29 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Individualized Loyalty

As personalization becomes more important to customers, marketers are searching for the holy grail of delivering individualized experiences to customers. Content,...

25 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Lifestyle Approaches

To go beyond brand is a sure path to habituating your business within your customer’s daily lifestyle. And doing so...

21 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Customer-Obsessed Marketing

Marketing across digital and physical channels today is not easy. There are so many aspects for marketers to consider and...

17 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Paid Memberships

Today’s customer wants preferential treatment and is willing to pay a premium for it. In a recent study, 37% of customers...

17 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Leaving Discounts Behind

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen what can happen when our favorite brands fall into the discounting cycle. Every day is a...

16 January 2019

Putting Personalization Into Play

Every brand is working to deliver personalization as effectively as they can, and with good reason. Personalization can reduce acquisition costs...

14 January 2019

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Going Beyond Points

Make no mistake here – we’re not suggesting brands do away with points or get rid of currency entirely. You...

4 January 2019

Personalization Made Easy

  The one investment you need to make this year is… Loyalty. Seriously. We’re not just being biased here. Read...

14 November 2018

5 Ways to Motivate Members with Real-Time Loyalty Statements

  The loyalty statement has long been a staple for programs. However, the monthly direct mail statements of old are...

12 November 2018

6 Trends Disrupting Loyalty

When you think of loyalty, you might cringe thinking of points liability, the dynamic of which has made loyalty taboo...

5 November 2018

5 Ways QSRs Can Increase Revenue and Margins for 2019

  As leading QSRs look to stay competitive, it’s time to do more with data. For too long, restaurants have...

22 October 2018

3 Steps to Limiting Loyalty Fraud

Loyalty programs provide opportunities for people to get free stuff. As part of the loyalty game, engaged loyalty members look...

18 October 2018

By The Book: Understand and Manage Your Loyalty Points Liability

  Loyalty continues to be the number one strategy used by brands for retaining customers and lifting behavior. Aimia’s own...

1 October 2018

Retail Trends: Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

In the future of retail, where technology will be an enabler of convenience and experience, the possibilities are endless for...

25 September 2018

What is the Amazon Prime for Your Company?

How a Paid Tier or Program Can Add Recurring Revenue for Your Brand As younger generations acquire more spending power,...

14 September 2018

7 Campaigns You Need – and the Psychology that Drives Them

A loyalty program without a set of communications to make it work is like having a beautiful tenor serenade an...

18 August 2018

Which Loyalty is Right for You – Proprietary or Coalition

  There are arguments on both sides of choosing between coalition and proprietary loyalty programs. Ultimately, the type of program...

2 July 2018

9 Macro Trends Driving Retail

We’ve all seen the clickbait headlines spouting the end of physical retail as we know it, scaremongering that future competition...

18 June 2018

Data-Driven Onboarding Generates Loyalty and Engaged Members

Acquiring a new member to your loyalty program is a great sign of growth; it’s a sign your member base...

24 May 2018

Consumer Loyalty Requires You to Listen

Take a moment to think about your most fulfilling relationship. Now, think about the qualities that make that relationship successful....

22 May 2018

The Big Benefits of Personalization

It’s widely understood in the retail industry that personalization is key to connecting with customers. Companies understand that personalized communications...

22 May 2018

Thoughtful Segmentation Leads to Growth

With the customer truly driving brand interactions, we as marketers need to talk to our customers individually and personably. Bringing...

1 May 2018

How Customers Spend Their Points

  Qualitative research is at the core of how we develop customer-centric loyalty programs that drive engagement and deliver economic...

27 July 2017

Email Frequency

Using adaptive frequency to deliver customer-centric marketing Are your email campaigns falling short of expectations? Are your inactive subscribers continuing...

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