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What’s it All About?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about ‘diversity and inclusion’. But what does it really mean? Maybe it sounds like another bit of hollow business jargon. Or, just as bad, a box-ticking exercise.

Well, at Aimia, it’s Neither.

We base our whole approach to people on making business personal: finding out what each person does best, what fulfils and energises them. This is so that we can make sure that, on balance, they can spend more of their time using those strengths in the job they do for us, every day.  It makes sense that the wider the range of strengths – and skills, past experiences, ways of thinking or seeing or working – that we have in our teams, the more capable we are collectively.

That’s Diversity.

Of course we also have to create an environment where all these aspects of difference are equally valued and where everyone feels able to be themselves.

That’s the Inclusion Bit.

There’s a mounting volume of research which supports this. It shows that where, for example, women and ethnic minorities are properly represented right up to the top level, where the contributions of talented people, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, social background, sexual orientation, beliefs and disabilities are not only welcomed but expected…these companies make better decisions and are better run. They’re more likely to understand their customers’ needs and be better able to innovate to meet them. And they’re generally more adaptable and adapted to the cultural demands of the global marketplace.  They also tend to attract and keep the most talented people. Not surprisingly these companies are more profitable too.

That’s the Business Case. So, What Does That Mean for You?

Whether you’re thinking about joining Aimia, or you’re already an employee and want to learn more, here’s what you should know:

  • At Aimia you can expect to be valued as an individual with a unique set of strengths

  • We take active steps to understand unconscious bias and help mitigate its influence on decisions about you, whether in recruitment, promotion, pay or anything else

  • We care much more about what you do than where or when you do it, so we promote ‘nimble’ working – everything from fun, agile workspaces to a flexible approach to your working hours

  • If you’re a parent, or become one, we’ll help you to balance your work and home life so you can pursue your career ambitions at the pace you’d like them to progress

  • We actively encourage networks which enable people to connect, speak up and gain mutual support

  • While we don’t believe in quotas, we do believe in targets; for without these – backed by strategies to meet them – we won’t get where we want to get to quickly enough