CPG/FMCG Loyalty Solutions

Better understand your customer’s shopping patterns by collecting and acting on data across all channels

Own & Control Customer Data to Power Personalization

Consumers have always been busy; however, today’s shoppers are more engaged than ever before. As a result, many CPG brands struggle to connect directly with their customers. This makes it challenging to achieve goals such as brand awareness, cross-sell, adherence and engagement. Loyalty is the solution. At Aimia, we make it easy for CPGs to capture customer data and execute meaningful loyalty engagements that create long-term brand growth.

  • Enhance brand loyalty through strategic partnerships that broaden customer reach and build communities beyond your offering
  • Grow customer engagement by escaping broad discounting and delivering personalized offers, through SmartJourney® segmentation, that foster emotional connections
  • Enhance the customer lifetime value by leveraging predictive analytics to build personalized customer journeys and stronger advocates for your brand
  • Optimize marketing spend through smarter use of customer data and analytics to build lookalike campaigns that bring in high value customers and guide them along milestones to ideal

Brands see 3X to 7X ROI from Aimia loyalty programs

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