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What is 100 Global Champions?

In today’s interconnected world, the international success of the Canadian businesses will drive the country’s future prosperity.

Having rapidly grown out of Aeroplan, to a global data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company with 3,200 employees in 17 countries, Aimia’s experience in ‘going global’ is ongoing.

Guided by this experience, Aimia wants to support other Canadian companies’ growth by initiating a conversation on Canadian global business ambition. Aimia’s goal is to work collaboratively to inspire the next generation of leading global companies — 100 Global Champions — that are the best in the world at what they do.

To inform this conversation, Aimia commissioned research surveying almost 350 companies with at least 50 employees to understand how companies perceive major motivations and deterrents to going global, and assess pain points that companies have encountered.

Findings show that a global strategy has paid off for almost every Canadian company surveyed. However, the majority of Canadian companies that aren’t considering going global don’t have a desire or see any benefits of global expansion.

Canadian businesses need to create a culture and community with an ambitious, outward-looking global mindset, and collectively support those that are not yet global to recognize and achieve the benefits of international business.

Now is the time to foster a generation of business leaders that look beyond borders and dream of being the best in the world in what they do.

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