Groupe Aeroplan Brings Customer-driven Insight and Data Analytics Business to North America

///Groupe Aeroplan Brings Customer-driven Insight and Data Analytics Business to North America
Groupe Aeroplan Brings Customer-driven Insight and Data Analytics Business to North America 2017-11-15T21:03:29+00:00


LMG Insight & Communication to offer retailers unprecedented insight into
consumers’ shopping habits

MONTREAL, Nov. 27 /CNW Telbec/ – Groupe Aeroplan Inc. today announced it
is launching its highly successful UK-based customer-driven insight and
communication business in North America, with offices based in Toronto and
Chicago. LMG Insight & Communication (I&C) and its industry leading data
analytics tool, Self Serve, will provide retailers with unprecedented insight
into consumers’ shopping habits as well as the ability to work with consumer
packaged goods companies to develop targeted product communications. This
combination will enable retailers and their vendors to make better, faster
decisions related to key areas such as product assortment, promotions,
pricing, and new product development, as well as enabling them to directly
communicate with key customer segments.
“Today’s announcement is another tangible example of how we are
leveraging the expertise of our UK colleagues. They have built a highly
successful business that has a compelling and very timely proposition – they
are providing a way for retailers and their suppliers to differentiate
themselves on an ongoing basis in an extremely competitive, ever-changing
environment,” said Rupert Duchesne, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Groupe Aeroplan Inc. “This division has been both groundbreaking and
successful in the UK and we look forward to building on this achievement by
focusing on LMG I&C’s international growth and strengthening our position as a
global leader in the management of loyalty programs.”
Brian Jones heads up the LMG I&C Canadian business and Mike Blyth has
been appointed to manage LMG I&C in the United States. They bring a strong
combination of loyalty, market research, database analytics, and consumer
packaged goods experience. Mike was previously Executive Vice President,
Global Practice Leader, Loyalty Analytics at Information Resources
Incorporated (IRI) and has close to thirty years of extensive commercial
experience in the US retail market.
Self Serve provides retailers and consumer packaged goods companies
desktop access to insight from point of sale and loyalty card data. The data
can tell what these shoppers look like in terms of demographic profiles, where
they live, their household composition and frequency of certain retail visits.
The information can also be used to look at a particular day, product sku and
store, to understand what else is being purchased as part of a shopper’s
repertoire in order to make better business decisions.
“There could be difficult times ahead for retailers as many consumers
potentially change their spending habits in response to the softening economy.
These changes could include where they shop, what they buy, and how much they
spend, which in turn create a range of challenges for retailers and their
suppliers,” said Peter Gleason, Managing Director, LMG I&C. “LMG I&C services
enable retailers and their vendors to proactively manage their business
through identifying their customers’ changing habits – as they happen. We can
help them adapt quickly to consumer shopping trends by providing concise and
actionable insight at the individual customer and store level. This level of
market intelligence enables timely, relevant, and targeted product
communications and promotional offers directed to specific customer segments,”
added Gleason.
Insight & Communication, created by Groupe Aeroplan’s Loyalty Management
Group (LMG) in March 2007, launched its business in the UK with Sainsbury’s,
one of the largest grocery retailers in the country, providing data driven
insights to Sainsbury’s merchandising and marketing teams. Additionally,
Sainsbury data insights are provided to over 50 consumer packaged goods
companies including Danone, HJHeinz, Kellogg’s, Kimberly Clark, Nestle,
PepsiCo and Unilever. The customer insights align the vendor with the
retailers merchandising strategies while providing each stakeholder a unique
ability to communicate directly with targeted consumer segments. With the
support of LMG I&C, Sainsbury’s day-to-day marketing and merchandising
decisions are based on customer input, driven through the insight received
through 3 million customer transactions per day.

About Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

Groupe Aeroplan Inc. is a leading international loyalty management
corporation. Groupe Aeroplan owns Aeroplan, Canada’s premier loyalty program
and Nectar, the United Kingdom’s leading coalition loyalty program. In the
Gulf Region, Groupe Aeroplan owns 60 per cent of Rewards Management Middle
East, the operator of Air Miles programs in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar
and Bahrain. Groupe Aeroplan also operates LMG Insight & Communication, a
customer-driven insight and data analytics business offering worldwide
services to retailers and their suppliers.
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