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Getting Your Own Loyalty Program Up and Running Can Be a Challenge.
But there’s no need to go it alone. Let Aimia help you build a coalition of like-minded brands.

We make business personal by helping companies create better relationships with their best customers. Coalitions have proved themselves as a very effective tool to achieve these relationships.

Our partners and clients benefit from our expertise and the global best practices. We design, develop and manage more coalition loyalty programs than anyone else in the industry.

So, you’ve decided a loyalty program will help you strengthen your relationships with your customers. Good call. Now you have an important decision to make.

Are you going to create a program just for your brand? Or are you going to embark on some form of partnership? In the world of loyalty programs, the most integrated partnerships are coalitions. Here’s how a coalition works.

In a coalition, different companies issue the same loyalty currency – points, for example – and the program is managed centrally. This is very efficient because the coalition partners share the costs of infrastructure and innovation.

Because they are so hard to copy, coalitions give partners access to unique, broad data sets and long-term competitive advantage.

But the most important benefits are for the members: they earn points in different places and can therefore earn more valuable rewards. They only need to understand the ins and outs of one program. And because it touches many different kinds of spending, it’s very relevant for their everyday lives.



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