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Aimia is at the forefront of insight and analysis.  Understanding the customer and their needs enables decisions that transform businesses. Using proprietary modelling techniques designed to identify potential valuable customers for acquisition or customers at risk of churn we develop a multi-segmentation approach for our clients. The analytics and insight we deliver produces unrivalled ROI.

Aimia delivers a full suite of customer analytics to a global client base. We maintain our leading global position by committing continued investment in analytical innovation.

Aimia develops a multi-segmentation approach for our clients, using multiple lenses to understand their customers. We provide the experience, insight and services to turn these understandings into actions by:

  • Developing segment objectives and feeding these into merchandising, media, CRM and brand plans. We tailor every business decision by the segment objectives to improve ROI.

  • Using statistical modelling to identify acquisition prospects, we focus on recruiting those who will impact the business the most.

  • Predictive modelling to reduce customers lapsing or churning.

  • Trigger base strategy to reengage those customers at risk before they have a chance lapse.

  • Investing at the right time to retain existing customers is more effective than chasing customers that have already left.

Aimia’s advanced segmentation module automates the segmentation process through sophisticated algorithms that can process high volumes of data in seconds – shortening the time to actionable insight to days instead of months. Aimia uses data and sophisticated analysis in an innovative way to introduce businesses to their customers. The ability to communicate using appropriate language, in a timely and relevant fashion is vital. Aimia uses customer analytics to increase acquisition and retention resulting in increased customer lifetime value.

Case Study: Playing with Customer Loyalty »
How Aimia’s Loyalty Analytics team uses customer segmentation to drive loyalty.

Aimia is a global leader in using loyalty program analytics to support key program decision-making. We use proprietary tools and advanced predictive modeling techniques to analyze future program liability trends and reward costs to help you maximize the commercial impact of a program. Loyalty program analytics bring an integrated view of the interdependencies between program design, commercial strategies and member behaviors that impact short and long-term program profitability.

Our capabilities include:

Breakage Modeling and Program Impact Assessments

Aimia has developed leading edge capabilities in predicting a program’s breakage rate, future liability and reward expenses, using a variety of methodologies based on macro program metrics or member level data.

Aimia provides:

  • Third party breakage analysis for financial reporting purposes

  • Breakage rates and profitability over the long-term

  • Breakage impact estimate of planned program changes

  • Assessment of the impact to elements such as margins, engagement, competitiveness, and value proposition

Profitability Optimization

Aimia uses proprietary forecasting tools to assess and enhance your program’s financial performance. This includes clear visibility on the correlations and levers between cost and volume of points sold, cost and volume of points redeemed, breakage rate and member engagement/influence on consumer behaviour.

Liability Out-Sourcing

Transfer of a program’s liability to Aimia will eliminate all program liability from the program operator’s balance sheet, and remove the financial risks while ensuring the program drives loyalty to your customers.  Aimia leverages its expertise in both liability management and unit cost optimization to provide effective profitability/ value creation management.

Aimia delivers a full suite of tailored retail analytics to a global client base. We combine our vast knowledge of data, leading edge global products, experienced analysts, consultancy and retail experience to provide clients with actionable insight. These capabilities enable our clients to increase relevance and value to their customers via more personalized and responsive retailing disciplines and allow Aimia’s retail clients to acquire an innate understanding of their customers’ behaviour and generate incremental revenue by monetizing their customer data via CPG companies.

Our proprietary products used by our consultants or client users deliver customized analysis. Our tools include:

Aimia Insights Platform Our proprietary analytics platform enables retailers and their vendors to proactively manage their business through a 360-degree view of customer behavior well beyond what is gleaned from basic sales information. The fuel for the analytic engine is customer and POS data driven from embedded algorithms based on best practices from working with major global retailers since 2007. Business users can generate relevant customer insights and reports in 2-3 minutes instead of hours or days, for faster insight delivery. Plus, pre-built tools and filtering options also help teams make a business case more quickly for which products to keep, delist or promote.

The Aimia Insights Platform is designed for the business user, is extremely flexible and can significantly improve decision making across; Assortment & category management, pricing, store layouts/item adjacencies, new product launches and promotional effectiveness.

This level of customer intelligence better enables timely, relevant, and targeted product communications and promotional offers directed to specific customer segments or store formats. In addition we offer bespoke innovative analysis for a wide range of global retailers to support the client’s vision and strategy.

Customer segmentation We analyse customer shopping behaviour in terms of how much, what and when they purchase and through statistical techniques, segment these behaviours into defined customer groups.

We do not believe that one specific customer segmentation is better than another. Our approach is to build a common customer language that enables our retail partners to understand all components of their business. We create multiple customer segmentations that act as lenses into a customer’s complete shopping and consumption behaviour. These multiple views come together to form the basis of our retail partners customer strategy.

Our proprietary customer segmentation engine automates the segmentation process through sophisticated algorithms that can process high volumes of data in seconds – shortening the time to actionable insight to days instead of months. We analyze SKU and store-level transactions to gain insight on customer shopping and browsing behaviors and layer in pertinent market data, future trends and actionable research to give a 360 view of growth opportunities.  From this analysis, we develop a customer strategy to grow today’s customer base and realise market opportunities through key deliverables such as marketing profiles and communication plans, must-have items and assortments, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, improved merchandising and adjacency placement, and an omni-channel strategy. The end result is a tailored shopping experience that drives revenue and delivers a competitive advantage. Click here to learn how the fashion industry is using loyalty programs and customer segmentation to compete in their market.

Category management Aimia works closely with a variety of global retailers to provide extensive customer analytics and insight regarding customer product interaction. We analyse these customer metrics and combine them with product performance metrics to deliver range optimisation tools that enable retailers to make informed category management decisions.

Store and format analytics We build store based cluster solutions using analytical expertise and statistical techniques. These clusters provide our retailer partners with operationally viable solutions including:

  • Store layout

  • Category space

  • Product mix

These clusters allow the retailer to tailor their range and communications to be more customer specific, providing customers a more personalized experience.

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Customer research is the foundation of Aimia’s programs. We analyse the right data to develop precise campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Analysing transactional data gives companies a wealth of information about their customers’ behaviour. Combining this with primary customer research data enables Aimia to add emotional warmth to the ‘what’ with insight into the ‘why’.

We provide a variety of customer research methodologies and deliverables to help clients understand the voice of the customer and put this into the context of how they are behaving. The combination of the two data sources enables unique insight into how customers act and feel.

Aimia has a team of researchers and insight analysts who are able to bring a customer profile to life. We ensure that there are many opportunities for the customer to provide useful feedback. Videos, PowerPoint and infographics populate interactive dashboards in real time or create interactive word clouds.

Aimia selects respondents on the basis of their behaviour and use CRM capabilities to survey at key points of the customer journey. This timeliness enhances respondent recall.

Methodologies are flexible and vary using qualitative and quantitative methods. Our proprietary methodologies enable customers to convey their relationship with the company/brand and the thought process they use when choosing, experiencing or reflecting on the purchase.

Our projects can be On-Demand where a customized approach is designed or via our specialized research tools where Aimia helps answer repeatable questions.

Customer experience feedback is also well suited to this type of analysis as customer responses can be analysed in the context of their past purchasing behaviour and loyalty. Improvements in satisfaction can be measured by tracking future spend patterns.

Timely feedback on new products can help businesses quickly understand their appeal and the likelihood of customers to repeat purchase as well as highlight challenges with promotion or availability. Surveys can be triggered by the purchase of new products enabling accurate sampling and timely feedback for the business.

Embracing SMARTER Principles

Our research is centred on our five core pillars – we embrace the SMARTER principles in everything we do being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely, Ethical and Reliable. We passionately believe this ensures that the research solution we create will fit your needs and give you actionable insight to further your business aims.

As a full service research agency we use both qualitative and quantitative methods. We make intelligent use of technology such as mobile data collection and passive data collection such as location/time/actions to add even deeper insight to the customer opinions we obtain.

Give your product or service the best chance of success: PackSMART, Ideation, Concept Testing, Ranging and Pricing.

Support your brand development and market understanding: Usage and  Attitudes, Segmentation and Market Landscapes.

Understand how well your products and services perform out in the real world: ProductSMART, Product Testing, Ranging and Assortment, and Pricing.

Explore how your customers are interacting with your marketing efforts: Unique Digital Advertising Panel and CampaignSMART.

Allows you to get the full customer experience interaction: Path to Purchase, Customer Satisfaction and Segmenting customers.

Intelligent Research Product Suite

Our research product suite will help you tackle some of the more frequent research questions you will come across when developing your brands, products and services. Utilising one of the largest research databases in the UK, our solutions can respond quickly and efficiently delivering impactful insights and robust recommendations in answer to your business challenges.

Our SMART products are all delivered via an interactive online portal that allows you to personalise the data view along with an executive summary written by our research team.


The pack can speak volumes for the product it contains and quality you will receive, getting this right is key to success in many markets and industries. The PackSMART solution identifies winning designs, providing you with an understanding of the different aspects of your pack design from industry used KPI’s to shelf standout.


Launching a new product, a new line or repackaging a product is often a big investment for any business that carries with it risks of failure. Keeping it on retailers’ listings requires consistently strong performance. ProductSMART gives you the ability to make informed decisions to ensure the best chances of success. It will investigate and analyse many aspects of the product from price and quality perceptions to category positioning and future purchase intentions.


Media campaigns can add substantial value to a brand but not all campaigns perform equally, CampaignSMART provides you with a view of brand uplift. It will drive understanding of the brand funnel, reveal indicators of brand performance and image along with uncovering consumer behaviour triggered by the campaign.


Our weekly omnibus collects feedback from 2000 unique nationally representative customers each week, covering many subjects requested by a variety of clients. If you would like to include a question/questions on the omnibus please contact us via the contact form, we can offer advice on how to optimise your questions and book you onto the survey.

Eye-Tracking Panel

Powered by Aimia:Lumen: just because your digital ads CAN be seen, doesn’t mean that they WILL be seen. Our panel uses Aimia:Lumen’s eye tracking technology to help brands understand what people actually look at – and what they ignore. The solution provides robust, behavioural insight to drive creative pre-testing, campaign tracking and media pricing across platforms.

For more information contact Susie Moan.