Customer Loyalty Management

Build a 1:1 relationship with your customers through flexible, customizable and versatile global technology

Fast, Flexible & Global Loyalty Management

Configure your loyalty technology to manage the customized elements of your program. Aimia’s technology helps break down business silos to meet the needs of your individual stakeholders while also managing the various complexities of your program across countries, currencies, languages and cultures.

Easily Manage Personalized Loyalty

Aimia’s loyalty platform makes personalization easy. We embed SmartJourney® within the core of our technology, making it easy to deliver relevant and meaningful experiences at the customer’s point of need, without requiring the manual intervention of complicated tech setup.



Points Liability Management

Points liability is becoming a major concern for companies with or considering loyalty programs. Aimia’s loyalty platform monitors and manages liability via online tools such reporting and configurable expiration policies to help brands and their teams make the best decisions for their companies regarding points liability.

Manage the Most Complex Points Structures & Rewards

The loyalty platform can manage multiple national and loyalty currencies simultaneously, as well as rewards and bonuses by both transactions and interactions. For enterprise programs that span multiple countries and/or currencies, Aimia’s platform can support any combination of currencies, languages, markets, expiry, points and point subtypes. Customers can also transfer, pool and share points easily through the tech’s householding features.

Create Emotional Connection Through Tiers and Status

Robust tiering capabilities are core to Aimia’s loyalty technology, making it easy for marketers to incorporate status, preferential treatment and recognition into their loyalty programs. This enables brands to build emotional connections that keep customers engaged longer.


  • Customizable and flexible rewards awarded for transactional and interactional behaviors cultivates an elevated customer value exchange
  • Simplify loyalty operations through easy platform configuration across multiple locations, currencies, customer attributes, promotions, rewards and more
  • Run a points-free engagement program that leverages proven loyalty tactics, such as surprise & delight and targeted messaging
  • Dynamic offer engine based on rules or machine-learning analytics that triggers the next best action to engage the customer

“The Aimia team is able to provide us with guidelines … in the loyalty space. They also provide a quick turnaround to any questions or concerns we may have. They are able to provide best practices and run a seamless implementation.”

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