SmartJourney® Methodology

SmartJourney® focuses on designing personalized customer experiences to inspire your brand advocates and ultimately grow your business.

To create brand loyalty through better experiences, Aimia uses its SmartJourney® methodology, taking a holistic and personalized customer-centric approach, where each brand interaction is designed to create a meaningful moment and ultimately drive advocacy and long-term customer growth.

Milestones to Ideal

Milestones to Ideal enables brands to uncover opportunities that will inspire a customer from their first brand interaction through their journey to becoming a brand advocate. We first visualize and monetize the actual customer journey versus the ideal customer journey through growth milestones. Then, using a predictive, data-led approach that incorporates AI and machine learning tools, these milestones are measured against proven industry benchmarks to predict future behavior and help ensure client success.

Experience Touchmap

The digital Experience Touchmap tool uncovers omni-channel opportunities and scores emotional loyalty shifts at each critical growth milestone. It’s a map of the step-by-step decision making process as a customer travels through their milestones to reaching their ideal experience. This tool makes it possible to influence all touchpoints toward profitable brand behavior.

Strategic Roadmap

The Strategic Roadmap defines the roadmap of initiatives for a go-to market approach across all key segments, both internal and external. This strategic plan and timeline will support a phased launch approach across the organization to achieve your vision and guarantee long-term success. The strategic roadmap lives on beyond launch to help you identify key initiatives to further grow, enhance, and optimize the program over time.

Personalized headlines, copy & content based on insights from customer interactions can lead to an increase of up to 163% in open rates.

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