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Non-profit organizations often collect lots of data about their services and their beneficiaries. In addition, the civil society is being offered access to more and more open data sets that, when analyzed in conjunction with those of an organization, offer the potential to generate new and valuable insights to optimize resources allocation. This is where Aimia’s unique Data Philanthropy comes in.


We are passionate about data and we think that a company like ours has a duty to share its skills and expertise with the community. Through Data Philanthropy, we graciously offer unique competencies and talents that few nonprofits generally have access to. By pairing Aimia experts with community organizations’ managers, Data Philanthropy becomes a rewarding experience for everyone involved. A designated leader accompanies each organization before and after a major event where a team of volunteers help organizations understand their data and, equip them to create value from their data in the short term and in the future. At a time when money is tight and funders want evidence of success, data analysis is critical to the future success of the charity sector.

Since the inception of Aimia’s Data Philanthropy in 2012, we have helped more than 50 nonprofit organizations. In 2015, the positive impact of Aimia Data Philanthropy was recognized with the Guardian Award for Social Impact and the Dragon Future Proofing Charities Award.


We encourage all of our employees to bring the best of their talent, skills and passion to the community. We created the Aimia Common Good Days to provide all employees worldwide with the opportunity to take one paid volunteer day any time throughout the year to work with a charity of their choice. Employees may choose to do this on their own, or teams can plan to do something together.

In order to further foster employee engagement and leadership, we also created the Aimia Common Good Teams and Trips, a program that offers employees the opportunity to participate in travel organized in collaboration with not-for-profit partner organizations — the Common Good Teams sometimes brings together employees from all regions where we operate around the world. Employees have to write a brief essay on why they would like to be considered to participate and are selected by the participating charities.

The experience offers employees the opportunity to experiment trust and reciprocity, share perspectives and develop leadership skills. The experience helps facilitate a deeper understanding of Aimia’s social purpose both from an environmental and humanitarian perspective and gives each participant an incredible international learning experience.

Aimia Common Good Teams and Travel were inspired, amongst others, by Aeroplan which organized an employees’ field trip with Offsetters in 2010 . The team was composed of 11 employees as well as guides from environmental organizations. The team travelled to British Columbia, Canada for one week where they learned about clean technology and sustainability in the province. They visited both local community-based and industrial-scale clean technology projects that are supported by Aimia in Vancouver, British Columbia, First Nations communities on Vancouver Island and the resort area of Whistler in the Coastal Mountains. Click here to watch the video.