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Our reputation and our business depend on integrity. Clients, investors, partners and communities expect no less. This has been true for Aimia right from its founding, and has shaped our ethical compass.


We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, members, and partners by earning their trust, providing outstanding service, and being committed to integrity in all that we do.


The Aimia Code of Ethics, introduced in 2014, provides everyone across Aimia with a single ethical platform based on our PASSION values (partnership, authenticity, strong opinions – loosely held, simplicity, inclusiveness, originality, nimbleness) and replaces previous codes inherited through acquisitions. From conflict of interest and human rights to workplace safety, anti-corruption and the environment, the Code sets out expectations for ethical conduct and strengthens our standing as a supplier of choice for leading global companies.

The Code applies to employees, senior leaders and directors, and encourages us to deal only with those who share our commitment to ethical conduct. We promote ethical conduct through awareness campaigns and require each employee to review and sign the Code annually. We monitor training and acknowledgment through a global learning management system.


The Aimia’s Supplier Code of Ethics, introduced in 2015, is intended to ensure that suppliers, subcontractors, and other third parties understand and agree to comply with common standards in all business dealings related to Aimia. Aimia suppliers must communicate these standards to all applicable individuals as well as their own subcontractors delivering products or performing services for Aimia. Those subcontractors must comply with the Aimia supplier’s contractual obligations, legal requirements and this Code — including, for example, any notification and approval requirements.

Many of our key suppliers are large organizations with an impeccable reputation for social responsibility. This strong foundation supports our global leadership. To ensure we’re doing business with uniformly like-minded suppliers everywhere, the Suppliers Code of Ethics guides us in sharing a common approach to global responsible procurement guidelines.


We strive to foster an environment in which all employees can raise concerns or make a report about suspected misconduct with any of the following: their direct manager, any manager with whom they feel comfortable, HR or the legal department. However, if, for any reason, an employee determines that this is not an appropriate option or feel uncomfortable doing so, then they can contact Aimia’s Business Ethics Hotline, operated by an outside company, which offers you the opportunity to make a report anonymously.

We pursue operational effectiveness with an environmentally conscious mindset. Aimia measures and offsets its GHG emissions and is carbonneutral since 2008. We report our environmental performance on the CDP and the offsets projects that we support are all Gold Standard certified.