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We’re inspired by shared-value creation. Our purpose is to make business personal for the common good. It is founded on the principles of loyalty – trust, reciprocity and engagement. Intuitively, when we launched our global social purpose strategy back in 2012, we knew it was the right thing to do. Since that time, the evidence has mounted that our structured approach to social purpose contributes to strengthen our business, attract the brightest minds, fuel innovation, deliver shareholder value and inspire loyalty.


  • Aimia supports Canadian not-for-profit organizations through data analytics for a sixth consecutive year.
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  • Data philanthropy hub launch – IVADO and Aimia join forces to put big data to work for not for profits.
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  • Aimia holds Global Month of Data Philanthropy.
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  • Aimia ranks on the 2017 Corporate Knights’ Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada.
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  • Stakeholders consultations involving 2,000+ key stakeholders in Canada and the UK leading to key social purpose priorities identification.
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  • Launched Aimia Code of Ethics — replacing previous codes inherited through acquisitions.
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  • Adopted of Aimia’s 5-year Social Purpose Roadmap (2014-2019).
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  • Groupe Aeroplan officially becomes “Aimia”.
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  • The company’s ticker symbol on Toronto Stock becomes “AIM”.
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  • First year achieving carbon neutrality.
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  • First year reporting the environmental performance on the CDP.
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Our business and social purpose are built on trust and reciprocity. We believe that real relationships develop from conversations, meaningful interactions and emotional engagement. All this is made possible by trust and reciprocity — the foundation of everything we do.


In 2013, to guide and accelerate our way forward, we held dozens of conversations with Aimia leaders around the world. This dialogue led to the adoption of our five-year social purpose roadmap (2014-2019), which explores opportunities in three focus areas: Loyalty for Good, Employees & Communities and Responsible Business Practices.

Our ambition — By 2019:

  • Have solid evidence of our social impact through loyalty.
  • Be known for our distinctive culture and our volunteer engagement models that leverage our employees’ unique skills, strengths and passions.
  • Affirm our leadership in the most material aspects of our business.


In our business, we use data to help our clients build strong relationships with their best customers. In this same way, by understanding what is most important to our key stakeholders, we have been able to refine our social purpose activities and focus on those activities where Aimia can have a distinct and deep impact.

To better understand what is important to our stakeholders, in 2014 we consulted more than 2,000 people – customers, members, partners, employees, investors and regulators. These discussions brought clarity to what’s important to our stakeholders and helped us align these issues with our social purpose roadmap’s three focus areas — Loyalty for Good, Employees & Communities, and Responsible Business Practices. Our social purpose roadmap and our stakeholders consultation have help focus, stimulate and align our efforts across Aimia as never before.