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Aimia Inc. is a publicly traded holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: AIM), with a focus on long-term investments in private and public companies, on a global basis, through controlling or minority stakes, targeting the deployment of its cash and tax losses towards the acquisitions of free cash flow generating businesses in diverse industries. Founded in 2005, Aimia Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


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Investment Highlights


Portfolio of attractive assets offers significant upside potential not currently reflected in the stock price.


Accretive growth strategy focused on long-term, control investments on a global basis.


The permanent capital structure of the holding company, no debt at the Holdco level, sizable tax losses, and perpetual preferred equity, enables enhanced returns to shareholders.


Experienced management team with a track record of efficient capital allocation, supplemented with a highly capable board.


Capital deployment of over $450 million in 2023 towards two cash-generating businesses poised for growth.


Aimia has sizeable tax losses available to shield a sizeable portion of its taxable income and capital gains.

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We recommend reading our most recent quarterly reports (including management’s discussion and analysis) and the other materials available in the Investors section and elsewhere on this website in addition to those available on, to assess whether an investment in Aimia is suitable for you in light of your risk tolerance. To this end, please also review and carefully consider the “Risk and Uncertainties” section of Aimia’s annual report.