Aimia supports Canadian not-for-profit organizations through data analytics

MONTREAL, April 20, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – Aimia Inc. (TSX: AIM), a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company is pleased to announce the successful completion of its annual Canadian data philanthropy event.  For the sixth consecutive year, Aimia's data scientists and experts came together to provide analytical insights and recommendations to three Canadian non-profit organizations based on their data sets.


Aimia employees volunteer their data analysis skills. (CNW Group/AIMIA)

In celebration of Diversity month, Aimia worked with three Canadian charitable organizations whose goals and missions support Diversity and Inclusion.  The data insights will allow each of the participating charities, Special Olympics Canada, Rainbow Railroad and the Women In Leadership Foundation to improve their operations through a deeper understanding of their members, donor bases and stakeholders.

"This year, more than 60 employees and business partners from Home Hardware and MicroStrategy volunteered their skills and expertise in data analytics to give back to some incredible charities," said Jeremy Molnar, Vice President, Analytics, Aimia Inc.  "From a focus on improving their core missions and services, to optimizing communications and fundraising campaigns to helping them understand their membership, data philanthropy provides charities with mission-critical expertise.  By tapping into our data analytics expertise and harnessing our employees' unique skills, strengths, and passions, we enable charities to unlock the trends and patterns in their data."

Through the event, Aimia's analytics teams were able to reveal fresh insights for participating non-profits, including:

Rainbow Railroad – As a fast growing organization, Rainbow Railroad was very eager to leverage its data assets to operate more efficiently and respond quickly to the growing demand of help that they receive from all over the world. Aimia's general objective was to provide Rainbow Railroad with solutions to help them operate like a data-driven organization, in order to sustain their rapid expansion. Aimia developed an easy-to-use tool to clean, mine and segment data, and provided solutions to integrate their various applications into one single, streamlined process, alongside enhanced analytic reporting tools. Finally, Aimia developed a strategic marketing plan leveraging the new tools and solutions that we built, and encompassing all the touchpoints of their user journey.

Special Olympics Canada – For Special Olympics Canada, Aimia built a suite of automated reports and KPI's to help track growth and retention of participants and volunteers on an ongoing basis, saving time and resources for the organization. Aimia also identified strategies and insights to increase engagement in sport programs, and to maximize retention and recruitment of volunteers. For instance, we discovered a positive correlation between some pairs of sports and athletes' tenure and engagement in the program, such as soccer and basketball, or softball and floor hockey. With this insight, Special Olympics Canada can make relevant recommendations to participants looking for new activities and create multi-seasonal sport programs, encouraging them to stay active for a longer period of time.

Women In Leadership Foundation – For the Women In Leadership Foundation, Aimia gathered and analyzed data from multiple data sources, including surveys, newsletters, events, and mentorship programs. Aimia was able to quantify the positive impact of the Women In Leadership Foundation's programs on the career progression of their members, and we identified three key areas of opportunities to improve their impact further. 1) Drive Acquisition – by embedding event data capture consistently and leveraging existing relationships with mentors. 2) Drive Engagement – through targeted cross-sell of activities, improved newsletter marketing, and improved digital content. 3) Develop a Member-centric Data Strategy – with consistent data capture at all touchpoints with members, and ongoing quantification of success metrics.

Since 2012, Aimia's data philanthropy work has supported more than 50 non-profits, driving hundreds of delivery model insights, helping secure funding and improving outcomes for the beneficiaries of a growing portfolio of non-profit organizations.

Aimia's data philanthropy model is based on the company's social purpose philosophy to make business personal for the common good. In recognition of its efforts and results, Aimia was awarded in 2015 a Guardian Sustainable Business Award for Social Impact; a Lord Mayor's Dragon Award for Future Proofing Charities, and a Corporate Engagement Award for Most Innovative Collaboration (Gold award) in the U.K. In 2016 our data philanthropy work was awarded Best Pro Bono Work for Charitable, Social or Ethical Cause (Silver award), and a Better Society Award for Pro Bono Company of the Year in the U.K. and in 2016 and 2017, Corporate Knights recognized Aimia as a Best 50 Corporate Citizen in Canada.

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